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Vrijeme objavljivanja: 2024-04-05 Pregleda: 23

Located in Atlanta, GA, United States, SHASH is a brand providing handcrafted luxury products for men. Its product portfolio includes hair care, body care, beard care, and shaving products.



As a luxury brand that provides personal care products for men, SHASH wanted to find a suitable secondary packaging for its men's pre-shave oil. The packaging was intended to show the simplicity and elegance of the brand, as well as the roughness of its male consumers. At the same time, SHASH wanted this package to reflect its recognition and pursuit of sustainable development.


During working with the SHASH team, both parties decided to use paper tubes as the external packaging of this oil product. Recyclable paper board materials and healthy soybean ink used in printing would well reflect SHASH's environmental protection concept. Kraft paper with simple printing used as paper wrap would show the simplicity, elegance and male roughness that the brand should pursue.


This paper tube packaging perfectly demonstrates the brand value and attributes of SHASH. It has the same handmade feeling as their products. Paper tube packaging can not only protect delicate products on transportation and retail shelves, but also make it easier to be carred during travel. This pre-shave oil has increased sales with its outstanding packaging. Since the establishment of SHASH, they have experienced rapid growth. Good product packaging plays an important role.