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Vrijeme objavljivanja: 2023-01-07 Pregleda: 59

Xfinity is an American telecommunications company in the market of consumer cable television, internet, telephone, and wireless services. It's one of the biggest cable internet service and most-used broadband providers in the U.S.



Xfinity planned to pack its Wi-Fi devices in a most sustainable way. They did not want common carton boxes, so paper tubes became a good choice. However, the devices are not cylindrical in shape, thus using traditional round tubes would not only generate extra space inside the packaging, but fail to reflect the hi-tech image of the devices.


A new rectangle mandrel was developed which was used to make paper rolls in rectangle shape to contain the device perfectly in it. Then a fully degradable molded pulp lid was customized as a perfect cover to this rectangle tube. The tube surface was printed with soybean oil ink as well.


Xfinity now has a superior option for presenting their devices in a cool and sustainable packaging. Their consumers have been shocked as well when they learnt the new packaging materials can be totally compostable.

This in turn has enhanced Xfinity's brand influence, enhanced the stickiness of old customers, and attracted more new users.