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Excellent paper tube packaging always attracts consumers' attention and inspire them to buy the product. We provide plenty of solutions to customize your tubes.

Classical Cylindrical Paper Tube
  • Classical Cylindrical Paper Tube
    Classical Cylindrical Paper Tube

    Hundreds of ready-to-use mandrels enable our clients to customise their paper tubes with the inner dameters range from 15mm to 500mm

  • Non-cylindrical Paper Tube
    Non-cylindrical Paper Tube

    We customise for our clients their unique non-cylindrical tubes. From oval, triangle, oblong, to cone, you may find a solution for your brand.

  • Paper Tube with Cutout Window
    Paper Tube with Cutout Window

    A window on paper tubes attracts consumers' attention. It can be a thoroughly cutout window or a recyclable PET one.

  • Paper Tube with Custom Inlay
    Paper Tube with Custom Inlay

    Excellent inlay of a paper tube can better showcase the products inside. Our expert in-house designers provide innovative design service on your paper tube structure.

  • Push Up Paper Tube
    Push Up Paper Tube

    Ideal for lip balm, deodorant stick, and other cosmetic and skincare products.

  • Paper Tube with Custom Lid
    Paper Tube with Custom Lid

    Besides classical cardboard, we provide our clients with lids made from mental, plastic, cork, and molded pulp.

  • Paper Tube Shaker
    Paper Tube Shaker

    Ideal for packaging items such as food or cosmetics particularly herbs, spices, cosmetic powders and dry hair shampoo.

  • Paper Tube Gift Box
    Paper Tube Gift Box

    Our outstanding solutions to pack your gift set with paper tube in proper size and with creative decorations will defenitely seize your consumer's eyes.

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Sustainability is our priority.

Nowadays no one can deny our planet is overwhelmed by the environmental crisis and sustainable development dilemma. Fortunately more brands and consumers are taking actions to adopt more sustainable packaging ways. At HC Packaging we want to help our clients achieve more in this trend.

Sustainability is our priority

recyclable cardboard

soybean oil ink printing

molded pulp lid

Make your paper tube 100% eco-friendly.

Our production centers

Located in both China and Vietnam, our factories cover a total production area over 20,800 square meters and employ 800+ experienced workers.




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